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For the Love of Literature: Book List
An alphabetical list of literature, textbooks, series, encyclicals, and misc. resources mentioned in For the Love of Literature.

Using Literature to Teach Core Subjects: Checklist
Keep track of books assigned and follow-up with your student.

Make Your Own Literature Unit Study: Checklist
Checklist to help you cover all the bases when you put together your own unit study.

Library Helps

Library Log 1 — Keep track of the family’s library books.

Library Log 2 — Individual students can keep track of their library books.

Reading Log — Keeping a list of books read for the school year will help you in creating a portfolio and in planning next year’s curriculum.

Scheduling Forms

To learn more about how to use these scheduling forms, read “Scheduling: Finding Order in Chaos” found in The Catholic Homeschooling Companion (Sophia Institute Press). I suggest printing on 3-hole punched paper to organize into a 3-ring binder.

Daily Schedule — Hour by hour schedule for the day.

Weekly Schedule — Plan coursework for the school week, Monday through Friday, by subject. Set printer to “landscape”.

Quarterly Course Plan — One form for each subject.  Write out the course objective, goals, textbooks, supplemental materials, field trips, and other educational stimuli.

Yearly Course Plan — Plan the school year by subject.  List goals, main textbook, and supplemental materials. Set printer to “landscape.”

Yearly Schedule — Month by month overview for the year.

Timeline Forms

I use Catholic World History Timeline and Guide to supplement our history studies and highly recommend it.  Timelines are an important tool in helping children visualize chronological events. If you prefer homemade timelines, use the templates below.  For pictures to place on the timeline, draw your own, search the Internet, or cut out pictures from old encyclopedias purchased at thrift stores or garage sales.

Timeline Book Template and Instructions — Create a “Book of Centuries.” Print on 3-hole punch paper to organize chronologically in a 3-ring binder.

Catholic History Timeline — To learn more about how to use this form, read “Teaching American Catholic History through Genealogy” in The Catholic Homeschool Companion (Sophia Institute Press)

American History Timeline Book Pages — Print out on 3-hole punched paper for a complete set of timeline book pages for American history. 24-pages.

Wall Timeline Pages and Instructions — Print on legal size paper and set printer to “landscape.” Either print on card stock or have laminated so that the timeline will hold up when it is attached to the wall and pictures are attached. Leave as is, or cut into strips. 11-pages.

Unit Studies

Composting Science Unit Study Composting can be a wonderful addition to your science studies, in a very natural and fun way. This unit gives you all the resources you’ll need, whether you live in the city or the country.

Baby Unit Study – Expecting a new baby? Build a unit study that will keep Baby’s siblings busy while their teacher takes a leave of absence.

Burning Babe Unit Study – Built around Robert Southwell’s beautiful nativity poem. A nice accompaniment to Renaissance/Elizabethan studies or in preparation for Christmas.

California Missions Unit Study – A two-week preschool unit built around Leo Politi’s Song of the Swallows. Can be adapted for older children through high school.

Rome Martyrs Unit Study – An informal unit on the martyrs of the Early Church.

The Snark Unit Study – A fun and educational trip into the world of nonsense poetry. It’s not gibberish.

The Donkey Unit Study – This unit on G. K. Chesterton’s poem The Donkey would be great to use during Lent.

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