Maureen Wittmann is co-founder of Homeschool Connections, a Catholic homeschool curriculum provider. She is also the author of For the Love of Literature (Ecce Homo Press). Maureen is coeditor and contributing author to The Catholic Homeschool Companion (Sophia Institute Press) and A Catholic Homeschool Treasury (Ignatius Press).  She is a contributing editor to the Catholic homeschooling magazine mater et magistra.  Her articles have appeared in Our Sunday Visitor, Homeschooling Today, Catholic Home Educator, New Covenant, Latin Mass, Catholic Faith, Catholic Digest, and more.

Mrs. Wittmann and her husband Rob are parents to seven children, who have always been homeschooled.  She will bring to your conference not only her experience, but an excitement and love of homeschooling. Maureen Wittmann can be contacted at

Talks (45 minutes plus Q&A)

If there is a topic that you need for your conference and don’t see on the following list, Maureen may be able to accommodate you.  She’s written on a wide variety of homeschooling topics, and so she is comfortable developing new talks. Maureen can also serve on parents’ panels.

Virtually Homeschooling

The internet, used correctly, can be a big plus for your homeschool. This talk focuses on new innovations in online education. Research indicates that live, interactive, online education is more effective than in-classroom or correspondence education. This talk also explores other internet resources, including research options for students, finding homeschool support, and money saving deals.

For the Love of Literature

Literature isn’t just for reading!  You can teach math, science, language arts, and more using living books. This always a fun talk! I bring lots of examples with me for ‘show and tell’.  Maureen’s book For the Love of Literature [Ecce Homo Press] explores this topic in depth and includes an extensive book list for Catholic homeschoolers .

Teaching History through Real Books.

Similar to the talk above, only the full focus is on the teaching of history.

The Thrifty Homeschooler.

Homeschooling is hard enough without the heavy burden of debt hanging over your head.  This talk discusses strategies to save money in your home and homeschool. Maureen moderates a related listserv, Yahoo! Groups: ThriftyHomeschooler and in the past wrote a regular Thrifty Homeschooler column in the Catholic homeschooling magazine Heart and Mind.

Career Exploration for Teens and Graduates.

This is a great talk if you have a teen track. Maureen shares her ten years of human resource experience with homeschool students, grads, and parents.  In addition to talking about the importance of leading a moral life so that they can hear God’s call in choosing their life’s vocation, Maureen gives a wealth of practical advice on how to search for, get, and keep, a job.

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